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The Ultralight Minimalist Series Aiders are a simple approach to what is currently on the market! Crafted from 7/64th or 1/8th Amsteel Blue with a tensile strength of 1,600lbs and 2500lbs. respectively.  These aiders will hold up to whatever weight you can subject them too.  The Ultralight Minimalist Series is 16 inches step to step with a 6 inch wide step which is big enough to support users who may wear larger rubber style boots.  These aiders can be installed on any double step style climbing stick or step (ex. Wildedge Step).


To install your aiders simply girth hitch the fixed loops to your stick or step and set your weight on them (advised to do this at ground level).  Once you have set your aider, roll the green castration band up to further hold the aider in place!  After this your all set to go and ready to climb.  Because these aiders are unstructured as they don't have a rubber tube on the step they pack tighter than conventional amsteel and webbing style aiders.  Once you place your foot in the first step you will see that the steps will open up and stay open as you ascend and descend the tree. 


Aider Weight 7/64th


1 Step:    0.05 Oz.


2 Step:    0.07 Oz.


3 Step:    0.09 Oz.



Aider Weight 1/8th


1 Step:    0.07 Oz.


2 Step:    1 Oz.


3 Step:    1.5 Oz.



*** Additionally if you'd like to store your aiders in a compact, folded way for transport please take a look at the  aider containment system located in the Gear Management Section.*** 

Ultralight Minimalist Aiders

PriceFrom $15.00
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