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       LEAD TIMES,                  SHIPPING, & RETURN POLICIES




Lead Times

Vital Ground Outdoors LLC is a one-man operation.  This means all products are quality controlled and perfect when they are shipped.  This also means is there will always be some sort of lead time to build your products.  Lead times do fluctuate throughout the year and do not account for shipping speed.

Lead times average between 7-15 days from the date of order.

Most orders ship in 1-5 days but the above lead time applies at all times unless noted in the pop-up menu which will appear automatically on the Home Page.  If you have questions regarding when your order is shipping, please wait until day 15 to contact me!


Vital Ground Outdoors ships anywhere in the USA and also ships to Canada.  I have the capability to ship outside the USA.  Shipping within the USA and Canada is built into this website.  If you are located outside the USA or Canada, please contact me and I can help you place your order.

All orders within the USA are shipped via USPS either ground or priority.  Ground shipments average from 7-10 days delivery and Priority averages 2-4 days.  Canadian Orders are shipped International Ground or Priority.  Please double the shipping times for the USA if ordering from Canada.


Canadian Customers you may want to reach out to Steve Atkinson who is a vendor/reseller of my products at:  


All products come with a 15 Day return policy from date of delivery.  Products being returned must be unused products showing no signs of wear.  Any items purchased in the New/Used Hunting page are NON-RETURNABLE.  A customer looking to return a product must email their claim to:

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs back to Vital Ground Outdoors after the 15 Day return policy window. 


If an item is returned and deemed used No Refund will be issued.  If an item is returned unused a 10% restocking fee will be imposed in additon to the processing fee described below. For Movable Aiders specifically a 20% restocking fee will be imposed in addition to processing fee described below. Any items in the New/Used Hunting page are NON-RETURNABLE!  


All order returns and cancellations that receive a refund will be for the order total minus the initial processing fee for the transaction.  ***  For example you place an order and it was $10 total with shipping.  The fee to process that transaction was $0.30 and the product returned is unused.  Your refund will be $8.70.  10% of $10 is $1 plus $0.30 for initial processing.  (example only) ***

For additional terms and conditions please see prompt at checkout.

New & Used Hunting Gear Guidelines

Promo/Sale codes are not valid to purchase gear and closeout products in this section.  Loyalty Reward codes can be used however to save additional.  Any orders containing these items with the use of a promo/sale code will be refunded immediately and shipping costs will be refunded once the order is shipped if additional items from other sections are also ordered.  If the order contains any products outside this category those will not be refunded without consent from the purchaser.  All products in this section are verified for condition and are below retail and resale prices.

Multiple Orders

If a customer has multiple orders shipping costs will be updated and the excess shipping paid will be refunded at the time of shipping to reflect different weight and packaging requirements set forth by USPS and other shipping services.  Multiple orders will ship together unless specified by the customer.

(Effective 2/17/24)

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