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Meet the team!!


Chris Grenier


Kevin Tatro


Chris is a New Hampshire resident and has been shooting archery for most of his life and has over 20 years of hunting and woodsman ship.  He was raised in the woods; his first harvest was a spike buck using a recurve and his second was a black bear taken with a homemade bow.  Chris is an avid hunter who has hunted both in New Hampshire and Quebec, Canada.  Chris hunts both public and private lands and loves chasing whitetails and the occasional bear hunt.  He is a traditional mobile hunter who does enjoy some ground game action and is headed into his second season in the saddle.  Chris loves hunting with his longbow, muzzleloader, and the occasional rifle hunt.  His bucket list game animal is a mountain elk hunt.  Chris is an HVAC Manager, family man, and is married with two beautiful kids.


Kevin is a Connecticut resident who has been hunting since he was 12 years old.  His father helped foster his passion for hunting at an early age which is also an experience Kevin shares with his hunting partner and son Hunter!  Kevin who is going into his second full saddle hunting season is now making the jump from exclusively hunting private land to more public land adventures.  When hunting with his son, Hunter is usually setup in a ladder stand and Kevin will utilize his saddle step up to climb above and await their trophy or just eat some snacks and have some fun!  When talking with Kevin he will say he is an avid archery whitetail hunter but he doesn’t miss the opportunities during gun season to harvest a deer.  Kevin who has spent the majority of his hunting career on private land is now making the jump into public land world of mobile hunting here in CT and Ohio.  Kevin’s favorite game animal is the whitetail deer and his bucket list animal would be an archery elk hunt.  Kevin is a truck operator and a family man who is married with two beautiful kids.

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