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The THS System (Treestand Hanging System) allows the climber to hang his or her treestand relatively hands free! This system was born from a modification made by Cody who hosts the BackCountryPAPodcast. The system consists of two pieces first a loop which the user can girth hitch to the treestand and the second component is a full bury rope which is then wrapped around the tree and secured by a figure 9 hook (rated to 50lbs), which is spliced in. The rope has a small micro carabiner (rated to 200lbs), which the user then hooks their treestand onto via the girth hitched loop.


Once the THS System is in place the user can throw their method of attachment around the tree and optimally position their treestand. Once your treestand is secured via the cam strap unhook the THS and your ready to hunt. You no longer have to lean around trees and have to manage a treestand and strap at the same time! The install takes seconds to install allowing you to remain safely positioned at all times and the whole setup weighs in at 1.5 ounces.


** Please Note:


This is strictly a treestand positioning device. The components are lightweight and not meant to support a user or be excessively tightened. Once the rope is wrapped around the tree it is meant to be pulled taut not cranked on. The treestand must be disconnected prior to setting and camming over. Failure to follow this protocol could result in bending of the figure 9 and/or breaking the carabiner.

THS System

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