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The Slip N' Clip is a great way to attach your climbing sticks or platform to you as you ascend the tree.  The Slip N' Clip utilizes a small micro carabiner (rated for 30lbs.), which has a spliced loop which will then girth hitch to your saddle or harness in the molle loops or where you want them.  A second piece of amsteel is spliced with a small eyelet and a larger thicker eyelet and has a green castration band attached to prevent it from falling off.  This piece is girth hitched to your climbing sticks or platform.  Take your climbing sticks or platform off your pack and slip the loop into the clip.  From there your ready to climb and hunt.


Why not use just a carabiner you ask?  Well from testing various setups the Slip N' Clip was made to offer you a more ergonomic and easier reach.  When a platform or climbing sticks are attached to your saddle or harness and are too close to your body and hips it can sometimes be a task to get ahold of them.  This is especially true when wearing bulky late season clothing.  The Slip N' Clip was designed with just the right amount of length to make grabbing your stick or platform a breeze regardless of clothing and restricted movements.


The Slip N' Clip is sold individually and weighs 0.4 ounces.  Its smaller profile compared to standard accessory carabiners makes this a really streamlined and simple process while providing a safe and secure way to carry items and boasts a true one hand operation even with gloves on!



Slip N' Clip

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