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Hang your quiver and shoot your bow!! Add this to your gear strap and hang your quiver as you would on your bow. These 3D printed hangers are lightweight and currently are available for 6 of the most popular quivers on the market. They come in two different sizes a 3/4 inch or a 1 inch variant to be compatiable with the various webbing gear straps on the market. If your webbing strap measures 3/4 inches order the 3/4. If your gear strap measures 1 inch you will need the 1 inch variation. All quiver hangers will be black in color.


Offered for the following Quivers (Currently)


Mathews Low Pro

Mathews Web

Tight Spot

G5 Head-Loc

Hoyt Super-Lite



Each one weighs 1 ounce.


(Note: This product does not include the gear strap or quiver)

Quiver Hangers

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