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This package combines the single best way to attach your climbing sticks and platform/treestand to the tree.  This package incorporates the PSH XL for your climbing sticks and your platform or treestand.  This package saves you 10% off rather then buying these items individually.  This package is available in a 3 pack (3 climbing stick PSH XL's & 1 PSH XL for your platform/stand) or a 4 pack (4 climbing stick PSH XL's & 1 PSH XL for your platform/stand).  Coming in at 8ft in total length each the PSH XL bundle will be able to handle the biggest of trees.


Platfom/Treestand Strap Ratings


Tensile Strength: 2500lbs.

Working Load: 500lbs.

Weight: 3oz


Climbing Stick Strap Ratings


Tensile Stength: 1600lbs.

WorkingLoad: 320lbs.

Weight: 2oz



** Using this product outside its intended description and/or stated application voids all liability and can result in injury to the user **


** Patent Pending **

PSH XL Bundle

PriceFrom $105.00
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