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** A new video will be posted over the next few weeks but the XL operates the same however the hitch where you make your adjustments has been altered.  **


New for 2024 is the PSH XL, a longer version of the popular PSH!  This is the ultimate tool for use with cam over style platform, climbing sticks, and now treestands that utilize a versa button. There are two options available. One is specific to platforms & treestands due to the force they apply when they are cammed over and set on the tree. The second option is specific for climbing sticks. These attach to your platform or stick via the spliced sliding loop that is formed.  The hitch is identified by the castration band this is where you adjust slack and tension.  You then wrap the strap around the tree and attach on the other side. You then pull the slack out of the rope till your platform and stick are snug against the tree. While holding the tag end of the rope push down on your platform or stick and the rope will self-tighten. Make sure you apply weight gradually and stay connected to the tree via linemans belt or tether. The PSH XL is a full 8ft at its longest length and will work on any tree. A bungee is also added to aid in storage and securing during transport.  The PSH XL does not require PSH Dog Bones for additional length like the standard PSH may need to extend around larger trees.




Platfom/Treestand Strap Ratings


Tensile Strength: 2500lbs.

Working Load: 500lbs.

Weight: 3 oz


Climbing Stick Strap Ratings


Tensile Stength: 1600lbs.

WorkingLoad: 320lbs.

Weight: 2 oz



** Using this product outside its intended description and/or stated application voids all liability and can result in injury to the user **


** Patent Pending **


PriceFrom $29.00
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