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The VGO Gear Rope is an essentially component to raise and lower your hunting gear to the ground.  On one side you have a carabiner that is attached to you as you ascend the tree.  On the business side you have a rubber gear tied spliced in and is separated by a component that keeps both sides equal in weight distribution as you hoist your gear up the tree.  The rubber tie also prevents any metal to metal contact on your bow and you can even attach grapple hooks in case you drop something.


Just make a couple twists on your bow or bag and it is secured.  I recommend at least 2-3 twists.  For those that onestick once lowering your gear to the bottom of the tree you can attach the carabiner to your rappel line to retrieve it once you get to the bottom of the tree.


The VGO Gear rope comes in a variety of lengths to suit all heights.  It includes a gear tie which depending on availiabilty will be in either orange or black.  The carabiner is not climbing rated but is plenty strong to retrieve your rappel lines.  The Gear Rope is stored using a figure 8 hand wrap.  


** Grapple hook not included **

Gear Rope

PriceFrom $17.00
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