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This turkey tote is constructed of amsteel and paracord.  The main line is made from amsteel which is one piece buried within the paracord wrap.  What that means is if you happen to find a turkey the size of a deer...well it will haul it lol!  The amsteel loops are used in a girth hitch style to secure to your bird on its legs and head.  We then add paracord traditionally over this which allows for some personalization, acts as a sturdy hand grab, or a shoulder pad while you carry your harvest out of the woods.


The two color configuration is very simple, lightweight, and will hold up to 500lbs... if you need it lol!  We offer right now 5 colors to choose from all in earth tone style shades.  Mix and match colors in any configuration!  Haul your bird out in style grab yourself a turkey tote and take them for a ride!



Weight: 1.1 ounce

Turkey Tote (2 Colors)

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