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Designed specifically for the Tethrd One climbing stick and allowing you to reach new heights.  The aider is based off a prior design and takes features from VGO's Minimalist Aider series.  This aider simply loops over the top of the stick making for an easy on and off.  This is the first loop over aider that works.  Commonly other companies utilize the outside edges of the step which means you have to connect their aiders in two places.  The VGO aider eliminates the fiddle factor and utilizes the whole stick to support your weight.  Since the Tethrd One combines both the step and stand-off as one the aider looping over allows for a much more stable climb.  


The aider is available in 1 step, 2 step, and 3 step configurations.  Each aider utilizes VGO's solid step which acts as a spreader bar to ensure that the steps remain open while going up and down the tree.  Each step is made from 3/16th amsteel as all the aiders in the Minimalist lineup.  The steps are durable and grip your foot but won't sag or pinch your foot like aiders built with rubber hose.  Each aider contains a leash (not pictured) to secure the aider to you as you climb.  Each step on the aider is 16 inches apart.  The loop is reinforced with a mil-spec tubular webbing which prevents excessive wear.  This is one of the lightest and most packable aiders to reach  the market!




1 Step:   6 Ounces 


2 Step:   6.7 Ounces


3 Step:   7 Ounces

Tethrd One Movable Aider

PriceFrom $36.00
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