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Our Bino Sling is made from a combination of amsteel and paracord.  We utilize micro carabiners which are at the ends of the sling and are rated to 30lbs.  The sling measures a total of 48 inches from each end.  It can be attached to your binos using two methods.  The first method of attachment is the most traditional with a 1.7mm cord that is girth hitched to each bracket on your binos.  The second method of attachment is utilizing the first ever eye cup attachment point.  This is a friction hitch style attachment.  Simply slide the large loop over your eye cups and sliding the knot towards your binoculars.  The spliced loop section is for attaching to your sling.  The eye cup attachement should be utilized if you have binoculars with adjustable eye pieces.


Simply choose two colors of paracord and your preferred method of attachment.  You can order all the same color or mix and match to provide a true personalized sling.  Each sling is also outfitted with a leather patched VGO  logo so you can share with your friends on where you got this awesome piece of gear.  If your shooting archery 3D, scouting, hunting, and just anything outdoors and want a no fuss solution to carrying your binos then this is the item you need!  


Weight of the sling without binocular attachments is right at 3 ounces making this incredibly lightweight, not bulky, and extremely packable.  All slings are made to order.  

Bino Sling

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